When Disaster strikes the Southampton Restoration Team provides comfort and solutions. Property can be replaced. Regardless of the loss we can help; our team can respond to fire, hurricane, water, and or mold damage. Most companies perform the initial emergency services and leave you to fend for yourself with the Insurance Company, not Southampton. Our services do not stop at the remediation stage. We provide accurate analysis of the loss and follow it up with action. Southampton Restoration is a trusted leader in the industry and shall provide superior quality and an orchestrated recovery to restore the property as quickly as possible.


Fire Damage

Fire is one of the most devastating events of a lifetime. From the board-up we immediately take precautions to prevent further damage and deterioration wherever possible. An inventory may be prepared and your contents carefully removed to a controlled environment for storage, or protection may be afforded on site. Our staff will work closely with the insurance claims team to comprehensively document the loss sustained. Subsequently, Southampton can then start the process of restoration, as needed: we prepare construction documents, expedite permitting, and mobilize engineers. When it comes to quality finishes we stand alone, our in house tradesman are accustomed to working in occupied structures and producing the finest of interiors.

Water Damage

If not treated in a timely manner, water can pose a serious threat to both interior furnishings and building components. An immediate emergency response by knowledgeable water damage technicians can stabilize the scene and keep damage from progressing further. This will help keep your restoration options open.


Mold contamination continues to be a major news topic. Although really dangerous molds are not an everyday occurrence, any mold has the potential to cause health problems if a person is allergic to the particular strain, or ingests large quantities. From initial air quality testing and mold identification to remediation methods, every aspect of this subject raises difficult questions and the choices you make can have huge financial consequences. Southampton shall provide you with a balanced perspective of the scope of the problem and suggest reasonable approaches that handle the problem without going overboard.

Wind & Hurricane

South Florida has become quite accustom to the effects of Hurricane Damage. Southampton Restoration can evaluate and stabilize the scene and keep damage from progressing further. If the structure has been compromised, temporary structural shoring and or protection from the elements may be required. Our team will expedite the measures needed to secure the property. From engineering to complete restoration, we can expedite the process.